My Top 10 “Would Recommend to a Friend”

I find great joy in helping people find good food; a frisson for every time someone asks me to recommend somewhere and an uncontrollable urge to run my motormouth whenever I eat something I feel everyone should indulge themselves in.

I’ve hit somewhat of a wall in my creative writing as of late – this could be due to a number of things; stress, feeling out of sorts – or watching so much Mighty Boosh it’s hard for my mind to create anything that isn’t a rework of the “Captain Cabinet” crimp.

Alas, I wanted to get something down on digital paper – a little something to whet your appetite or to just inspire you on your next hunt for sustenance.

Best for Brunchin’

Thyme Out, 147 Nell Ln, Didsbury

When it comes to the whole brunch thing, Thyme Out pretty much have things nailed. Their Breakfast Burrito is off the chain, or I’d recommend opting for Shrooms on Toast if you want to nod to health.



Roll out of bed and let’s get this bread (preferably sourdough, toasted and topped with a poached egg).

Best for Hair of the Dog

Javes, 42-44 Brook Rd, Urmston

An untapped gem in the heart of Urmston, Javes holds the cure to the dreaded disco flu.


Over-order on the menu and don’t forget a round of Bloody Mary’s.


Best for Wanky Instagram Posts

Altrincham Market

Good for coffee, good for food, good for the gram.


Fight your way into a seat (the n’duja on toast alone is worth the stand off with the Alty ladies of leisure elite) and settle in for the long haul.

Best for “Coffee and a Catch up”

Love Thy Neighbour, 516 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton


Like an old pair of slippers, Love Thy Neighbour is the cosy, warm embrace you need when you’re looking for a loco to host your blast from the past (and the avo toast is really worth writing home about).


Best for Mate Dates and Romantic Rendezvous

Sugo, 22 Shaw’s Rd, Altrincham

If I ever want to impress a pal, Sugo is my go-to. Seasonal plates of Italian wonder, pasta hand-rolled and shipped from Italy and the best Arancini you’ll experience this side of Sorrento.


Best for Midnight Feasts

El Gato Negro, 52 King St, Manchester

Put on your glad rags and book a table where the magic happens; oh and be sure to order the Bikini’s, they go great with an Old Fashioned (who knew?)


Best for Sobering Up (or not as it happened)

Crazy Pedro’s, 42-44 Brook Rd, Urmston

When you’re 6 martini’s deep and haven’t eaten since brekkie – Crazy Pedro’s really is the only eatery that’ll satisfy your growl (or will tolerate you stumbling through the door).


Best for a Veritable Feast

Grub, Fairfield Social Club Arch, 6 Temperance St

A cornucopia of culinary delights, Grub also offers a selection of IPA’s to rival the weekly line up of food vendors so you wont go home hungry, thirsty or sober.


Best for Service with a Smile 

Grindsmith, 5-6 The Garage, MediaCityUK

Soy* Cappuccino with a side of sunshine (embodied in the cheery staff that work there).



*I love dairy, but soy really make a cappa pop – don’t @ me)

Best for when you just don’t know what you want

Siop Shop, 53 Tib St, Manchester


When all else fails – doughnuts.

(Their Goats Cheese, Feta and Kale Pesto on sourdough is also out of this world).


Short, sweet, a little naughty and hopefully enough to make your mouth water – the James McAvoy of posts we’ll say.

Happy Eating.

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