Some foods you’ll wait a lifetime to eat.

That’s exactly how I felt about meltmongers.


Coming across their page on Instagram a few years ago, their delicious melts had solidified a place in my heart. Alas with a distance of over 200 miles between us, my only chance to experience the passionate encounter I had envisioned for so long would be a fleeting affair during a long weekend trip to Edinburgh with my bestie.

We woke up on a bleak Sunday morning, our heads still fuzzy from the night before, in desperate need of sustenance and a figurative toasty embrace.

Grilled cheese?

Yes please.

You can find meltmongers in the quaint area of Bruntsfield, if you’re lucky like us you’ll be only a canal stroll away – just enough of a distance to work up an appetite.

A quick once over of the menu behind the counter and we were good to goo.

In no time at all, we were greeted by a tray almost too gouda to be true…crippling under the weight of a loaded Pizza Melt, Barber’s Block Melt and fries (double the carbs, double the happiness).



Generous portions of comforting joy, perfectly squeezable, topped off with the satisfying crunch of butter-soaked, fried bread.

And just in case you hadn’t hit your sodium intake for the day – a dusting of rock salt atop.


A must-visit on your trip, or your new weekly reg if you’re lucky enough to live close by.

meltmongers, you were well worth the wait (and the drunken conversation I had with a Scottish lass outside nightclub*).


*yes I still live in 1999.




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