There is no such thing as too many pizza places. 

Sure, none of us are exactly crying out for a new pizza innovation, the guys we already got – they do a pretty good job in keeping us satisfied when it comes to slices. But when there’s a new kid on the block, you simply have to go give it a try.

Now, Civerinos is by no means a spring chick, opening in 2015 it’s practically adolescent on the eating scene, but as it was my first visit to Edinburgh, it was completely new territory  for me.

Civerinos is humble yet brash; where high art and low culture meet. Civerinos is graff Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David with Wayfarers; The Beach Boys with our slow-cooked mushroom sugo sauce and The Beastie Boys with your perfect slice. A place to savour La Dolce Vita and celebrate friends and family.

^^ It wasn’t just the drool-worthy ‘grams which got me showing up on Civerinos doorstep on a rainy Saturday eve, it was their passion behind perfecting the very essence that is Italian dining. The urgency and haphazardness of the construction behind every piping plate of pasta, and the time-slowing pleasure of every mouthful.

We plonked ourselves down on the communal benches which filled the top floor space of Civerinos. I LOVE sharing tables with strangers, not to engage in conversation necessarily, but I adore observing human behaviour when dining out and how they orchestrate their experience; it’s also so much easier to steal glances at their food choices that way.

The light bites and starters sounded great – but we were here for one thing and one thing only:

bent coppers* Bronzed and loaded slices of ‘za.

*reference to my beloved Line of Duty – if you don’t watch it, leave watch the 6 seasons and come back here to finish this post.


The Civerinos

Their namesake and signature pizza sugo, Sicilian sausage, pepperoni, rosemary, olive oil and topped with fresh burrata.

Crisp base, loaded top, mellow yet flavourful and wonderfully rich all at the same time.



I always think it’s worth ordering a Margherita in any pizza place you go to. If the guys in the kitchen can get this right, it’s about as close to heaven on earth as you can get.


 Civerinos is widely known in Edinburgh by locals and tourists alike, and no trip to E-town is complete without a visit.

It’ll steal a pizza your heart, prom.


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