Scran and Scallie

Even in the rain, Edinburgh doesn’t lose its magic.

We were gifted on our last evening with a grey, drizzly reception, but dampen our spirits it did not. Instead we donned our umbrellas and strolled through the rainy streets,  skating over the slick pavements, not caring that the humidity effect on our hair was reaching dangerous levels…and then when things became tiresome, we uber-ed.

Edinburgh at the best of times is somewhat of a sleepy town, and Sunday’s are no exception. With no work to worry about the next day, we asked our obliging taxi driver to take us to Scran and Scallie, a gastropub with Tom Kitchen as its proprietor which boasts hot platefuls of modern Scottish fare.

We took a table in a rustic room, with higgledy piggledy furniture, bare brick walls and a wool, tartan curtain shielding out the crisp Scottish air.


The menus arrived with bread, rustic, crusty and in doorstop proportions.



Wasting no time at all, we placed orders for the home-made beef sausage and mash and the Scran and Scallie steak pie, with a side of chips for good measure. Hearty, ample orders we were sure would soak up the lingering remainder of our hangovers (thank you Cabaret Voltaire, you were quite the treat).

Soundtracked by live folk singers which resided at the table adjacent, we basked in the comforting ambience Scran and Scallie exhibited from every direction.

Now, the food….


The steak and ale pie is tastier than any traditional pie you might have tasted – meatier and dressed with bone marrow just waiting to infiltrate and flavour the filling.


Rich, incredibly indulgent, humble and yet deliciously extravagant.

I don’t often say “yummo” but if I did, it would be on this occasion.


The sausages were divine, plump and set off excellently against creamy dollops of buttery mash.


“The best mash of my life!” – Emma exclaimed, who, for the record does not exaggerate.

A short recovery period was all we needed before placing our order for pud.

Chocolate & salted caramel tart with milk ice cream for me, and a bowl of Vanilla for Em.



A decadent way to end our feast and truly the most wonderful way to round off our Scottish adventure.

Be sure to visit when you go, and make sure you book – this place is no secret in Edinburgh (partially due to my shouting its praise from the rooftops ever since I’ve been…) 



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