The Smith, NYC

When it comes to Sunday brunch, I take things pretty seriously.

And things sure as heck don’t get much more serious than The Smith in Manhattan, New York.

The Smith is a classically cool NYC brasserie, serving straight-up Americana fare from bulging burgs to oozy mac and cheese and stuffed lobster rolls.

And brunch. Let’s talk about the brunch.


Sheer, Sunday perfection.
You can find The Smith in the East Village, Midtown and by Lincoln Center.

On this occasion, we dined Midtown.

Walking into the stylishly contemporary space, tiled floor to walls gleam in the floods of light provided by the large, patio-esque doors.

Taking a spot with ample view of both bar and the promised theatre of New York streets, we ordered a plethora of Sunday morning staples.

With a side of Apple Smoked Bacon…y’know, just to round everything off.

If you’re looking for a classic New Yorker brekkie with a twist, go for the Smoked Salmon Toast.


A doorstop of rough-cut, toasted rye is slathered with lemon mascarpone, beef tomatoes, a handsome portion of silky smoked salmon, then topped with red onion and dollops of crème fraîche.

A symphony of zingy and fresh flavours.

If you’re looking for something a teeny bit more naughty…


…Okay, a hella lot more naughty.

I urge you to order the Breakfast Pot Pie.

Eggs, sunny side up, served on a breakfast-stew-like-concoction of sweet sausage, bacon, cremini mushrooms, swimming in a pleasingly-rich breakfast gravy and topped with a cheddar biscuit lid.

It’s difficult to describe just how gloriously satisfying it was. Filling, comforting and utterly scrumptious.

Order it.

It’s truly what Sunday food comas are made of.


Under the foliage, you’ll find the humble, but most certainly sublime Avocado Toast.

Nothing too out of the ordinary with this filly; organic whole wheat toast topped generously with smashed avocado, flavoured with red pepper flakes, a squeeze of lemon and topped with fresh local greens.

A breakfast staple for many, but you know what? It’s Avocado Toast and I would maybe take advantage of the other unique items offered on the menu instead.

We devoured our breakfasts and eventually peeled ourselves away from our new favourite morning hang-out, feeling utterly satisfied and ready to see the sights.

If you need further encouragement to consider The Smith as one of your must-brunches for your trip (and I highly doubt you do), just take a look at their instagram for some of the most ridiculous food porn you’ve ever seen, (I’m usually opposed to this word, but there’s really no other way to describe this level of filth).

There are many places to stock up on New York fuel in this fine city, The Smith being just one. It would be simply impossible to fit them all into one trip., but you know what? It’s the perfect excuse to return.

Sweet Eatin’ in NYC

Do you have your credit card? …and a bucket? Oh good.

The credit card is for those flights to New York you’re going to want to book after reading this post.

And the bucket?

Well…that’s for the drool.

This summer I was lucky enough to feast on everything the Big Apple had to offer. Now the savoury side is a tale for another day…but the sweet thangs? I just couldn’t wait to dish.

Let me introduce to you my 3 ultimate dessert hot spots in NYC (trust me, you’re gonna love ’em).


If you’re any self-respecting cake connoisseur, you will have already heard of Magnolia Bakery and spent hours watching them ice cupcakes in their signature fashion via addictive instagram videos…(just me?…Oh.)

Catapulted into fame thanks to a feature in the much-loved 90s sitcom Sex and the City (season 3 episode 5), I had the pleasure of visiting both the original Bleeker Street Bakery and Columbus Avenue cakery, both locations being as sensationally sweet as each other.



The cupcakes were utterly adorable, but being the greedy gal I am, I just HAD to order one of their slabs of Funfetti Cakes (…both times).



The sponge was impossibly fluffy and light, with that deliciously classic vanilla flavour. Undeniably the best cake you will ever taste.

The frosting was generous and scrumptiously sweet, made even more fabulous with the liberal sprinkles of Confetti which embedded themselves into every bite.

A total dream!

Baked in-house daily for that classic and fresh yet devilishly naughty flavour you’d happily trade your abs for, these cakes are a New York institution and a definite must-visit on your travels.

Top Tip: When ordering from Bleeker St, get you cake to-go with a cup of their homemade lemonade and devour them both with a good book in the small garden park across the street – heavenly. 

A next must-do for your visit is a trip to Levain Bakery.

No doubt there’ll be a queue regardless of what time you get there. But wait it out, I promise you it’s worth it.


Every step closer to the entrance brings gloriously warm and comforting bakery smells, created by the miracle makers inside.

This tiny bakery has many a baked good to offer you, but trust me – it’s the cookies you want.

There are 3 basic cookie options to consider: Milk Chocolate Chip and Walnut, Double Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Peanut Butter – get one of each, you’ll hate yourself if you don’t.

We went to the bakery found on West 74th St, just a small stroll from Central Park. Once you find yourself in the bakery, claim your prize and head back to the park to indulge.

And when I say indulge…


Honey, I really mean it.

Gooey, oozy and eye-rollingly good.

How they manage to combine a crisp outer-couting with THE most comforting, doughy center I’ll never know. Silky, melted chocolate make up the innards, contributing to a totally decadent experience. It’s work of pure alchemy.

Should you find yourself strolling down the glorious streets of Little Italy one afternoon (and trust me, you really should).

Be sure to pop into Mo for the most glorious gelato you’ll find this side of the Atlantic.


Rich, creamy and as authentically satisfying as the scoops from the pasta capital itself!

Nestled elegantly on a very busy Mulberry Street, you can order up a classic cone with the usual yet undeniably delicious traditional flavours such as Vaniglia (Vanilla) Caffè (Coffee) or Cioccolato al Latte (Milk Chocolate) or experiment with their tempting concoctions including Amarcord (Mascarpone with Chocolate Fondue) Tiramisù (self-explanatory) or even Zabaglione (Custard with Masarla Wine oddly enough…)

Requesting their largest cone, I opted for two large dollops of the classic Stracciatella (Milk with Dark Chocolate Chips) and Bacio (essentially, ice cream Nutella – divine!)

The second cone we had loaded up again with Stracciatella (what can I say? I’m obsessed) with Cocco (Coconut).

Both cones were an indulgent and totally heavenly experience, from the very start to the last thick, velvety lick.

But don’t just take my word for it, if you find yourself in the neighbourhood be sure to take a visit and order a cone (for each hand).


Sigh, I could go on and on about these dreamy delights – and yet I’ve still only covered the tip of the iceburg!

If I continue I’ll be sure to give you diabetes, so for now I’ll leave you with these tempting treats. Check back soon where I’ll be dishing more of my favourite eating spots from here, there and everywhere!

Other notable cookies and cakes:

  • Sprinkles (Be sure to get a cookie sandwich or cupcake sundae!)
  • Schmakery’s Cookies (Get one of everything)