Ready for something short and sweet? I've found a truly yummy little spot where you can guzzle your body weight in wine, nibble on some truly tremendous food all while soaking up the sunshine; sound too good to be true? It's not! West Didsbury on a sunny Saturday afternoon, where you have nothing on your … Continue reading Sip

Dun Cow

Saturday's in summer, should be especially savoured - even more so when they're drenched in delicious sunshine from dawn till dusk. So far, it's been a pretty excellent summer; with only one sticky-pre-thunder-storm-humid day to date and countless warm, sunshine-filled evenings under our belts - as British Summers go, we're doing a crackin' job. Since our … Continue reading Dun Cow

HotBox Brunch

From effortlessly refined at Heron Tower, to unashamedly filthy in Shoreditch; our second brunch in London was a little more down to earth than our previous venture. Having spent the evening previous drinking warm bottles of wine in Victoria Park whilst tunelessly singing along with Matt Berninger at All Points East; our original plans to … Continue reading HotBox Brunch

Proove Pizza

Who doesn't need a new pizza spot in their lives? Especially when you find yourself horrifically without a table on a Saturday night when you've decided at the last minute that what you both fancy is a proper Neapolitan pizza, and you've exhausted all of your efforts in finding space at your usual favourites. One … Continue reading Proove Pizza


A long Bank Holiday weekend positively begs to be celebrated with a good brunch. With a friend's birthday to celebrate and 5 girlfriends all miraculously free on the same day at the same time; we had arranged to meet at Cottonopolis in the Northern Quarter for a date that would combine a birthday brunch with … Continue reading Cottonopolis


Thursdays are the new Fridays; or at least that’s what I tell myself as I blow my fringe upward away from my newly glistening forehead - the result of which is from seeing JUST HOW MUCH the bill has come to after my friend Dariane and I dine at WOOD on a Thursday evening. Because … Continue reading WOOD

Flower Cup

Spring is sure as heck taking it's time before it decides to present it's blooming lovely self. But until then, I've found the sweetest of spots, positively bursting with botanical delights and floral decor to satisfy your appetite for Spring, but the best part of this oasis? It also dishes up a bangin' brekkie. Stepping … Continue reading Flower Cup

Cafe 19

First impressions can be tricky and are often made in haste. But isn't it quite wonderful when the negative thoughts you had about somewhere turn out to be deliciously wrong? If you live in Manchester, I'm almost certain you will have passed by Cafe 19. Found on Lever Street, on the very cusp of the … Continue reading Cafe 19