Tre Ciccio

If I wasn't so painfully...not-Italian, I would bet my life, that I had, honest to god, Sicilian crossed with Napolitano, juicy marinara running through my veins. I love everything about Italy, the culture, the language, the passion, the urgency of conversation, the food, THE FOOD! I've been engaged in a love affair with Italian food my … Continue reading Tre Ciccio


"I fancy a date night," my friend Lexi said to me one afternoon. "Leave it with me babes," I replied, having taken to using the endearment "babes" after hearing Jessie Ware use it as generously as her portion sizes. One of my biggest thrills in life is taking my friends to restaurants I know they'll … Continue reading Canto

Viet Shack

What do you get when you take a popular food stall and place it against the backdrop of Manchester's notorious hipsterhood? Well, go on a Friday and you'll get a queue around the block- but, time it right mid-week, and you can avoid the scrum and Nuoc mia-induced fights for a table and enjoy a dignified … Continue reading Viet Shack