Flower Cup

Spring is sure as heck taking it's time before it decides to present it's blooming lovely self. But until then, I've found the sweetest of spots, positively bursting with botanical delights and floral decor to satisfy your appetite for Spring, but the best part of this oasis? It also dishes up a bangin' brekkie. Stepping … Continue reading Flower Cup

Cafe 19

First impressions can be tricky and are often made in haste. But isn't it quite wonderful when the negative thoughts you had about somewhere turn out to be deliciously wrong? If you live in Manchester, I'm almost certain you will have passed by Cafe 19. Found on Lever Street, on the very cusp of the … Continue reading Cafe 19

Fig + Sparrow

Going out for a meal alone is virgin territory for many. Many feel awkward at the very thought of it; petrified of being seen out on their own, like it's something to be ashamed or embarrassed of - whereas in reality, it's a deliciously wonderful experience. Having travelled around Europe solo last summer, taking myself … Continue reading Fig + Sparrow

SiOP Shop

I have the teeniest, tidbit of a recommendation for you with this post, but though it may be short, I can promise you it's extra sweet and cream-filled *insert drool emoji here*. Found in the depths of the Northern Quarter, SiOP Shop is now the official home to Blawd Bakery, known for previously making magic … Continue reading SiOP Shop


Discovering that one of your favourite watering holes not only whips up a dazzling G&T, but also offers a banging food menu is one of those super delicious pot luck moments, like finding a five pound note in your jeans pocket or getting an extra shot of vanilla syrup in your Chai Latte for free. … Continue reading Trof